Bottlebrush (Porcupine) Sedge (Carex hystericina)
Bottlebrush (Porcupine) Sedge (Carex hystericina)

Bottlebrush (Porcupine) Sedge (Carex hystericina)

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Carex hystericina, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Sun
Soil: Medium-wet
Height: 3'
Bloom: June

Notable Features: A fine-leaved sedge for wet soils and full sun. Bottlebrush sedge tolerates temporary flooding and can be found in wet prairies, swamps, grassy fens, sedge meadows, and marshes.   Wetland sedges are an important food source for insects and waterfowl. Bottlebrush sedge actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool.

Attracts: A variety of insects feed on wetland sedges (Carex spp.), including Stethophyma spp. (sedge grasshoppers), Donacia spp. and Plateumaris spp. (semi-aquatic leaf beetles), billbugs (Sphenophorus spp.), stem-boring larvae of various flies, seed bugs, plant bugs, various aphids, and leafhoppers (especially Cosmotettix spp.). Larvae of the butterfly Satyrodes eurydice (Eyed Brown), skippers (Euphyes spp., Poanes spp.), and various moths feed on sedges.