Robin's Plantain
Robin's Plantain

Robin's Plantain

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Erigeron pulchellus, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full Sun-Partial Sun
Soil: Medium-Dry
Height: 12 inches
Bloom: May, June

Description: Robin's Plantain blooms from mid-spring to early summer for about 2 weeks. After blooming, the flowering stalks die, but the basal leaves remain green. The root system is a crown of fibrous roots that also forms rhizomes or stolons to form small colonies of the plant. This is a lovely low-growing plant to cover the ground in a garden and compete with weeds. It tolerates many different kinds of soil including clay, loam, and sand. Typical habitats of Robin's Plantain include open woodlands, savannas, and stream banks. 

Attracts: The flowerheads attract small bees, various flies, small butterflies, and skippers. These insects seek nectar primarily, although some of the bees also collect pollen. The caterpillars of several moths feed on the flowers of Erigeron spp. (Fleabanes), including Schinia lynx (Lynx Flower Moth)Schinia obscurata (Obscure Flower Moth), Eupithecia miserulata (Common Pug), and Synchlora aerata (Wavy-Lined Emerald). Some aphids that feed on species in this genus include Aphis middletonii (Erigeron Root Aphid) and Prociphilus erigeronensis.