Scribner's Panic Grass (Dichanthelium oligosanthes)

Scribner's Panic Grass (Dichanthelium oligosanthes)

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Dichanthelium oligosanthes, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full-Partial Sun
12 inches

Description: Scribner's Panic Grass is a cool-season grass; it actively grows when soil temperatures are cool. It is ideal for small gardens as it does not aggressively spread and greens up early in the spring, providing early delicate interest. This grass prefers full to partial sun, and medium to dry conditions. This grass can also adapt to loamy, sandy, or rocky soil. Scribner's Panic Grass can be found in black soil prairies, sand prairies, savannas, and open rocky woodlands. 

Attracts: Several species of grasshoppers have been found to feed on Scribner's Panic Grass specifically. Other insects that feed on this and other Panic grasses include the larvae of skippers and moths, larvae of flies, leaf beetles, leafhoppers, aphids, stilt bugs, plant bugs, and stink bugs. The seeds of Panic grasses in mesic to dry habitats are an important source of food to many birds.