Starry Campion (Silene stellata)

Starry Campion (Silene stellata)

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Silene stellata, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full Sun-Partial Shade
Medium Wet-Medium Dry
3 feet

Notable Features: Each of the frilled white petals of this scentless flower has 8-12 intricate narrow lobes. Pollination is mainly by moths. This hardy, drought-tolerant plant reseeds itself, with older plants sometimes sprouting multiple stems from the deep taproot. Beautiful addition to any sun or partial-shade garden. There aren't many flowers blooming in a partial shade garden in July and August, so don't pass this one up!

Attracts: The flowers are pollinated primarily by moths and, to a lesser extent, by bumblebees. These insects suck nectar from the flowers. The caterpillars of a rare Noctuid moth, Hadena ectypa (Campion Coronet), feed primarily on the flowers and developing seed capsules of Starry Campion. This moth also sucks nectar from the flowers of this plant. The caterpillars of a closely related moth, Hadena capsularis (Capsule Moth), feed on the flowers and developing seed capules of several species in the Pink family, including Silene spp.