Tall Bellflower

Tall Bellflower

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Campanulastrum americanum (1/2-pint plug)

Exposure: Partial-Shade
Soil: Medium Medium Dry- Wet
Mature Height: 3-5 feet
Blooms: July-August-September

Notable Features: Tall Bellflower reaches from three to five feet in height, its blue-violet blooms providing a bright late-summer accent to savanna or woodland plantings. Self-seeding, it is either annual or biennial by habit, seemingly depending on when germination occurs. Therefore, don’t expect this plant to stay put and reliably bloom in the same exact place each year. Embrace the discovery! First-year plants are tight rosettes of heart-shaped leaves that shoot up the following spring to form tall stems and blooms. Excellent plant to include in oak savanna restorations.

 Attracts: Long-tongued bees are the primary pollinators of the flowers, including bumblebees and leaf-cutting bees (Megachilidae). Among the latter, is the oligolectic bee Megachile campanulae campanulae. Other visitors of the flowers include Halictid bees, butterflies, and skippers. These insects seek nectar, and some of the bees collect pollen from the anthers. Deer occasionally eat the flowers and foliage.