Bicknell's Sedge

Bicknell's Sedge

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Carex bicknellii, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Sun- Partial Shade
Moisture: Medium wet- Medium dry
Height: 3 feet
Bloom: June, July

Description: A prairie sedge found in both upland and river bottom prairies. It tolerates a range soils and does well in full sun or light shade. This sedge greens-up in spring before the warm season grasses begin to grow, and the signature copper-colored oval seed heads appear in early summer. The tufted basal growth is usually about two feet high, and the flowering stalks reach up to three feet.

Attracts: Bicknell's Sedge and other sedges (Carex spp.)that occupy open upland areas are host plants to the Red-legged Grasshopper (Melanoplus femurrubrum), Large-headed Grasshopper (Phoetaliotes nebrascensis)and other grasshoppers. Other insects that feed on such sedges include the Southern Corn Billbug (Sphenophorus callosus) and leaf-mining larvae of the moth Elachista madarella. Some birds eat the seeds during the summer, fall, or winter.