Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebird Nest Box

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Locally made Eastern bluebird nest box kits for sale! With the loss of mature trees in our area, cavity-nesting birds can use a helping hand. Our cedar nest boxes follow the specific nesting requirements for bluebirds, including entrance size, box depth, and choice of wood. Well-built, watertight, and ventilated. Boxes are ready for installation and come fully assembled and include a rebar post. Boxes can be picked up by appointment at TLC's office, 4622 Dean St, Woodstock. Email to set a pick up time.

Box Specifics: The box is 9 inches tall and 7x5.5inches square. The roof is 7.5 inches which overhangs the entry. Entry hole is 1.5 inches in diameter. The nesting floor is 5.5x4 inches. The back of the box is 13.5 inches and is attached to a 5 foot electrical conduit pipe. Supply includes rebar.

To install: Place the rebar in the ground deep enough to steady the post. Slide the post over the rebar, pushing it into the ground far enough that all is sturdy. Spray or wipe post with a lubricant to inhibit invaders.

Dave The Nest Box Builder's testimony: I have "raised" many a bluebird, even having one in the front lawn within view from the picture window. Surprise and much joy, we were able to watch the whole process including an exciting finale as the young, one by one, poked their heads out of the box and flew to a nearby tree.

Helpful tips: Nest box location: Position the box so that the entrance hole is facing towards open habitat. Make sure there is available perching nearby. Adults will use it for entry and exit. When leaving the nest, the young will fly to a nearby perch. Open woodland edges are ideal places to encourage nesting bluebirds.

How to care for your nest box: Clean out old nesting material as soon as the young leave so that the box can be used for a second bluebird nest attempt. Other kinds of birds may nest in the box, such as chickadees, tree swallows, or house wrens. This is fine, and do not remove their nests unless they are non-native species like European Starlings or House Sparrows. Bluebirds have usually finished with nest boxes by mid-August. Breeding courtship behavior for Eastern bluebirds often begins in March, so plan on cleaning out a nest box by the end of February, as sometimes mice will overwinter in them.