Bottlebrush Grass
Bottlebrush Grass

Bottlebrush Grass

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Hystrix patula, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Sun-shade
Soil: Dry-medium
Height: 4-5'

DescriptionBottlebrush Grass offers exquisite seed heads in the shade garden. A cool season grass, it grows actively during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool. It provides fabulous texture and interest in wooded areas and is perfect for planting under oaks and other deciduous trees where some light is able to penetrate to the forest floor.

Attracts: Insects: The caterpillars of a butterfly, Enodia anthedon (Northern Pearly Eye), feed on foliage of Bottlebrush Grass, as do larvae of the leaf-mining moths Elachista epicmicta, Elachista illectella, Elachista leucofrons, Elachista orestella, and Elachista praelineata. Other insects that feed on this grass include the stem-boring larvae of Papaipema cerina (Golden Borer Moth), the leaf-mining larvae of a Scythrid moth, Asymmetrura graminivorella, the leaf-mining larvae of a leaf beetle, Chalepus walshii, and the leaf-mining larvae of a fly, Cerodontha angulate. Other insects that feed on Elymus spp. in shaded or partially shaded areas include two aphids, Carolinaia howardii and Carolinaia rhois, and two leafhoppers, Elymana acuma and Sorhoanus orientalis.