Kankakee Mallow (Iliamna remota)
Kankakee Mallow (Iliamna remota)

Kankakee Mallow (Iliamna remota)

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3 Gallon Plant (cut back 6-8")
Grown by our partners at Majestic Oaks Nursery in Spring Grove, IL

Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Sun
Soil Moisture: 
Medium Wet - Medium
5 Feet
August - September

Description: State endangered! The only place in our region where this very unique species is native is on Altorf Island, a bedrock island in the Kankakee River. Takes well to home gardens, it can be trained up a trellis. Typical of a river bank, Kankakee Mallow needs medium to medium wet soils with a preference for sandy or loamy soil and full or part sun.  The blooming period is quite sustained (about 2 months) and the individual pale pink flowers are slightly aromatic. They will eventually become pod-like fruits.  Growing in excess of 5 feet, this mallow's stems and leaves have a light gray-appearance due to a covering of dense hairs.  The attractive maple-looking leaves can reach 6 inches in diameter.  The root consists of a tap root with rhizomes and dense patches of Kankakee Mallow can develop from these rhizomes over time.  Classified in the same family as Hollyhocks, Kankakee Mallow does have the overall appearance of a Hollyhock. We can only offer a very few number of this incredibly special plant! If you have a deer issue, we recommend caging this plant.