Prairie Pussytoes
Prairie Pussytoes

Prairie Pussytoes

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Antennaria neglecta

Exposure: Full- Partial Sun
6-12 inches

Notable Features: The late spring flowers look like tiny cat's feet, thus the name. Pussytoes are usually grown for their velvety leaves rather than the white to pale pink flower. Flowers will reach up to about a foot in height but the leaves grow at ground level. Spreading by rhizomes, Pussytoes provide a good ground cover for dry areas such as rock gardens. 

Attracts: Primarily small bees and flies visit the flowers, including Halictid bees, Andrenid bees, cuckoo bees (Nomada spp., Sphecodes spp.), Syrphid flies, Muscid flies, Calliphorid flies, and Tachinid flies. The caterpillars of a butterfly, Vanessa virginiensis (American Painted Lady), feed on the foliage. Other insect feeders that feed on the foliage and other parts of Field Pussytoes include the gall-forming larvae of two flies, Asphondylia antennariae (Everlasting Bud Midge) and Rhopalomyia antennariae, larvae of a moth, Tebenna gnaphaliella (Everlasting Tebenna Moth), a plant bug (Melanotrichus catulus), and an aphid (Pleotrichophorus antennarius).