Purple Love Grass (Eragrostis spectabilis)

Purple Love Grass (Eragrostis spectabilis)

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Eragrostis spectabilis, 1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full- Partial Sun
Soil: Dry
Height: 2 feet

Notable Features: Purple Love Grass is a perennial, warm season grass that grows actively during the summer when soil temperatures are warm. It reaches heights of 1-2 feet even in the driest, poorest of soils. It thrives in full sun and sandy sites - even roadsides that receive winter road salt. The seed heads (or florets) bloom mid-summer in shades of light to bright purple, giving an overall purple haze to the landscape. This tough ornamental grass is an absolutely stunning addition to any rock garden or drier landscape.

Attracts: The leafhopper Flexamia areolata sucks juices from the foliage of Purple Love Grass; the caterpillars of Poanes zabulon (Zabulon Skipper) also feed on the foliage.