Rough Blazing Star (Liatris aspera)

Rough Blazing Star (Liatris aspera)

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1/2-pint plugs

Light: Sun-partial sun
Soil: Medium-dry
Height: 3-5 feet
Bloom: July-August

Description: This Liatris prefers medium to dry soil conditions and will bloom for many weeks in the months of July to September. It grows best in full sun but can tolerate a fair amount of shade. Butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are greatly attracted to the flowers of Liatris aspera. Huge pollinator supporter, loved by monarchs!

Attracts: Primarily long-tongued bees, butterflies, skippers, and bee flies visit the flowers. Among the long-tongued bees, this includes honeybees, bumblebees, Little Carpenter bees, Miner bees, and Leaf-Cutting bees. Butterfly visitors include Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Black Swallowtails, Sulfurs, and others. Other visitors include Green Metallic bees and other Halictine bees. The latter bees collect pollen primarily, and are not effective pollinators. The caterpillars of the rare Schinia florida (Glorious Flower Moth) feed on the flowers and seed capsules of this and other Liatris spp. Mammmalian herbivores, large and small, readily eat the foliage and stems, including rabbits, deer, and groundhogs.