Stationary Composter
Stationary Composter

Stationary Composter

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Stationary Composter, 55 Gallon
Color: BLACK.  Compost your kitchen and yard waste the environmentally safe way. The Upcycle Composter is an upcycled food grade barrel. It is about 4 foot tall and only requires a 3 foot by 4 foot area. This is a lower cost alternative to our standard Tumbling Composter. This composter can be used as a stand alone compost bin or it can be used as a feeder bin for the Tumbling Composter. If you prefer to work at waist level, this composter is perfect. This compost bin is fully assembled. Choose from 2 pickup locations:

Pickup Information:
Woodstock: 5/19 (10-3pm), 5/20 (10-12pm). 2222 Dean St, Woodstock. 
Lake in the Hills: 5/20 (11am-2pm) or 5/22-26 (7am-3pm). 9010 Haligus Rd, LITH.