Stiff Goldenrod (Oligoneuron rigidum)

Stiff Goldenrod (Oligoneuron rigidum)

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1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full sun- partial shade
Moisture: Medium wet- Dry
Height: 4-5 feet 
Bloom: August, September

Description: Stiff Goldenrod has larger, flatter flower clusters than most Goldenrods.  The leaves turn nice shades of red in the fall. It does well in a broad range of soil conditions and will prolifically seed in bare soil. Avoid planting this in a new small garden unless you're willing to remove seed heads. Give a small garden time to fill in before introducing this plant. Valuable nectar source for fall-migrating monarchs and so many other pollinators!

Attracts: The flowers attract many kinds of insects, including long-tongued bees, short-tongued bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, and beetles. Monarch butterflies are especially attracted to the flowers. The larvae of several species of moths feed on various parts of this and other goldenrods. Insects that are known to feed on Stiff Goldenrod specifically include larvae of Asteromyia carbonifera (Black Blister Gall), Gnorimoschema gibsoniella (Twirler Moth), and Tricholita notata (Marked Tricholita). The Eastern Goldfinch eat the seeds to a limited extent. Many mammalian herbivores eat this plant, particularly during the early stages of growth and development. This includes the White-Tailed Deer, Cottontail Rabbit, and Muskrats.