Tumbling Composter

Tumbling Composter

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Color: BLACK. This composter is 4 feet tall and requires a 3 foot by 4 foot area. Using a rocking motion to build momentum, a compost tumbler is relatively easy to turn. The best position to place your composter is in full sun or at a minimum partial sun. The barrel holds the heat in all night and does not allow it to cool down like an open bin, and absorbs heat all day. The center tube aerates the compost and allows excess moisture to drain out. The steel bars inside break up the compost and fluff it up for better aeration. In the Midwest we can completely compost the product in the barrel in about 4 weeks. Assembly instructions along with general use instructions are provided. 

Dimensions: 23 inches diameter by 38 inches tall before assembly. Once assembled they are 43" x 48" footprint x 44" tall.

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Woodstock: 5/19 (10-3pm), 5/20 (10-12pm). 2222 Dean St, Woodstock. 
Lake in the Hills: 5/20 (11am-2pm) or 5/22-26 (7am-3pm). 9010 Haligus Rd, LITH.