Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger

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Asarum canadense, 1/2-pint plugs

Exposure: Partial Sun- Shade
Moisture: Medium wet- Medium dry
Height: 6 inches
Bloom: May

Notable features: Think of this like the native hosta (it's not, just humor us). Instead of surrounding your oaks with hostas, plant this beauty all over. Deer won't eat it, and it actually has a nutrient exchange system with the oaks, thereby helping them stay healthy! Wonderful as a groundcover for difficult shady areas or a border for a shady sidewalk. Unlike many early spring woodland plants, Wild Ginger will keep its foliage throughout the season; it will not go dormant so it is a good species to plant among the spring ephemerals that do go dormant. An attractive dark red flower will appear under the plant early spring but will fade fairly quickly. You really have to search to find the flower, it's pretty neat. This is yet another TLC favorite for home landscaping. Very well-behaved and not aggressive at all. We actually wish it was super aggressive and would spread everywhere because it's just that beautiful and useful as a groundcover.


Attracts: The reddish brown flowers probablyattract flies or beetles as pollinating agents. The seeds attract ants becauseof their fleshy appendages; these insects help to disperse the seeds.