Wild Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum)
Wild Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum)

Wild Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum)

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1/2-pint plug

Exposure: Full Sun - Full Shade
Moisture: Medium Wet - Medium Dry
Height: 8 inches
Bloom: April, May, June

Description: Wild Stonecrop emerges in early April with maroon leaves and stems creating a fun display through any remaining snow.  The foliage greens up as the warmth of spring sets in.  Tiny white buds line the flowering stems, bursting open into stunning little starbursts.  Rich purple stamens add charming accents above each blossom.  The succulent-style leaves whorl around the stems; these creep and spread over rocks, roots, and hardscape features with ease.  As the plant sprawls into organic territory again, the stems put out rootlets in the soil, continuing the slow but steady ground covering process.  Wild Stonecrop creates dense mats with a foamy appearance when in full bloom. Sedum ternatum maintains a 4 to 8 inch stature.  This is a hardy species that will tolerate nearly any well-drained soil conditions.  It does particularly well in rocky situations and is naturally found in alkaline and lime-rich territories.  This plant will adjust to whatever sunlight it receives but maintains better form in full or partial sun.  Deep shade will produce lankier, looser mats.  A plethora of native bees favor Wild Stonecrop.  Consider adding this native species to your garden to support pollinators and local ecosystems.  This native Sedum makes an excellent substitute for introduced groundcovers like Iceplant, Creeping Jenny, and Periwinkle.